Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Dot

This site is hibernating. It's not going anywhere, but I doubt I'll update it for a while.

The More Perfect Market blogging experiment continues, however.


I've been playing quietly over there for a little while now, and I'm approaching things a bit differently. I'm taking notes. Links, pics, vids, quotes, and quick commentary. Using the Tumblr blogging platform the way I think it was designed to be used.

The idea is to put less pressure on myself, rid my life of monsters like the dreaded Blog Archive Sidebar, which would stir my OCD neuroses into a frenzy whenever I'd notice I was on pace for less than 13 posts per month.

I need to keep things simple. I won't stop writing. I can't stop writing. But I probably should stop staying up way past my bedtime night after night because I can't quite explain why I'm not angry at Earl Butz.

So, in case you missed the link a few paragraphs ago, I present you A More Perfect Market, Version 2. If you've liked this blog, you might like that one too. I hope you'll at least have a look.

Thank you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Too Much

Tough to admit. Took me a while. But my blogging pattern has changed. And I need to shelf this site for a while.

Lots of words on here. Lots of questions. Lots of thoughts.

Some I like a lot. Some I just simply needed to get out of my brain and into electronic storage. Some will probably never make sense to anyone but me.

I'm glad I collected them.

It'll be fun to check back in. Tomorrow, when I read something that reminds me of something I wrote. In five years, when I try to remember what it was I was reading when started wondering about something else. In 30 years, when my children get curious about what I was like when I was young. And in 60 years, when my grandchildren ask me what people were thinking about before humans got their collective shit together and started taking care of each other and their planet.

And I think that's the first time I've ever blogged about my children. It's important to note, of course, that they don't exist yet and probably won't for quite a few years.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Accidentally posted a song here last night.

Didn't mean for it to cross post, so I took it down.

It lives on on Radical Transparency, however, if you want to listen.

And I do love rock operas.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eggplants and Hazelnuts

Justin Finnegan and I never lived in the same Chinese city at the same time. Our paths did some crossing, however, both in this country and that. Always enjoyably.

As far as I know, he's still affectionately known, to his Chinese friends, as The Big Eggplant.

And, after a couple of years back in the States, he's taken his show on the road. To Bhutan. To plant hazelnut trees.

Entrepreneurially. Microfinancially. Adventurously.

Says Justin:

The world is in need of—and ready for—a lot more nontraditional careers.

Yes it is. Lots of problems. Lots of paths that haven't led to real solutions. Lots of feelings of helplessness. Lots of giving up. Lots of lowered standards. Lots of half-assed comfort. Lots of conservatism. Not enough crazy decisions to move to Bhutan to set up sustainable nut economies.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What The People Want

Hacked transportation.


Tata Motors with Chinese characteristics.

The Future...

Pretty sure I'll always feel a special love for the Chinese street entrepreneurs with the sootiest, greasiest hands.

Note: That video came into my life through the TIME Video feed, something to which I subscribed after finding out that Ze Frank is doing his (how do you work this) thing (?) at TIME Video, and I couldn't figure out how to subscribe only to Ze. The inescapable pre-vid ads are a bit of a bummer, but, all in all, it's a pretty fun stream of videos to follow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Predictions, Surveilance, and The Terminator Seed

Jon watched Food Inc. on Monday.

And, as an aspiring metaphorical physicist, he's worried about Monsanto's trajectory...

...Then, when they stop supplying air, and people can only live in renegade underwater bubble cities supplied by soot spurting volcanic faults on the ocean floor, and everyone is constantly covered in volcanic ash and chronically coughing from the stubborn volcano air, a grandfather will tell his granddaughter about lost days of sunshine and free fresh air and soybeans that you could pick and plant without a lawyer handing you a paper and taking away your farm... But his granddaughter will be asleep dreaming of being allowed to marry a dolphin and raise a dolphin family.

I want to meet the people that make the big decisions at Monsanto. And I want to read their journals, bug their phones, talk to their brothers and sisters, and find out what motivates them. And I want to bring Jon. And see if he adjusts his prophecies.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sadness, Sanity, Cynicism, and Van Jones

Still sad about the Van Jones resignation.

Sad that Glenn Beck has so much influence.

Sad that one of very few environmental leaders that appeals across races and socioeconomic backgrounds didn't get a chance to spend more time on one of the world's biggest stages.

Sad that the world's most powerful government lost someone that simultaneously champions justice and sustainability.

Sad that the unnamed government official that talked to the Washington Post was nonchalant about that loss. Instead of admonishing Beck for calling Jones a communist revolutionary, he pleaded carelessness....

He was not as thoroughly vetted as other administration officials. It's fair to say there were unknowns.


But maybe it's a good thing that Jones is back on the outside, back in a world that operates with a little more sanity than Washington DC.

And yuck again.

For now I'm being cynical.

Well. Hmmm. Is it ok to be cynical when you're cynical about cynicism?

Probably not.

But still.

I'm excited to see what Van Jones does next.