Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Artist Formerly Known As...

This project needs a name.

You might have noticed in the last post that I made some reference to "the project," "the website," "the business." No names in there. We've been through a few ideas, own a few URLs, but no slam dunks yet.

In August, when we committed to building this thing and put together an About Us Site and our first shot at some Demo Interfaces, we needed to call the project something, so we came up with a working title: Productipedia.

It's not easy to say or spell. It doesn't tell the whole story. It's a little uncomfortable in it's lack of originality. But .com, .net, and .org were all available, so we went with it.

Here we are now, however, hopefully about 10 days away from having a prototype website that'll look spiffy enough to demonstrate, and we're still Productipedia.

We're a website that makes it easy for people to consume more responsibly. We're a website that collects expert opinions on corporations and consumer products. We're a website that compares products, brand to brand.

We ask users to ask questions. We ask users to recommend non-main-stream alternatives. We ask users to contribute to wiki pages about companies and production processes.

We ask a user: "What do you want to buy?" She tells us she's looking for running shoes. We present to her both main-stream and non-main-stream options. We show her the opinions and information we've collected. And we help her buy her running shoes from a business whose practices she wants to support.

So what do we call ourselves?

Maybe the name should involve transparency? Window. Lens. See. Light.

Maybe choices and wisdom? Sage. Mindful. True.

Maybe we get natural and metaphorical? Bee. Ripple. Mint. Spring.

Or, maybe, we listen to Mom and call the thing www.goosemother.com. Hmmm...


Dibital said...

product prism
fun zone
pizza party 2000
yesterday's child
crucial taunt
creationism prism
dillweed festival
peanut in your hand
i had five dollars for five minutes and now i'm slightly less hungry
rain stick thing

Jake de Grazia said...

I got an email from Martha (she of the comment on the Burt's Bleach post) telling me to read this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/06/technology/personaltech/06pogue-email.html?8cir&emc=cir.

Definitely worth considering.

And http://www.dotomator.com/ is pretty fun. I recommend.

Jake de Grazia said...


Bummer about that link in the comment above. Google should be better than that.

I guess I'll break it up, and people can reconstruct by cutting and pasting it back together...


Ugh. Inelegant. Oh well.

bysusuru said...

I recently purchased "The Lazy Environmentalist" - in short, a book guide for people who care about the environment and want to make conscious purchasing decisions, but don't have the time/know-how to do all the overwhelming research involved in identifying 'green' products. The book recognizes that people care, but people are lazy. Or that, if someone does the work for them, they will most likely be more inclined to make smarter decisions (assuming that the work is genuine and accurate).

For the project, what about..

although, i have a personal distaste for the word 'consumer'.

(my way of starting the conversation that even better than buying consciously... buy less! use less, waste less!)

buybetter (with this name you may catch unsuspecting people who then enter the merciless, wonderful world of awareness)

on the light theme, i must share maplight.org, a public database that shows connections between money and politics (where money goes and how people vote).

how about buylight
get it, shedding a light on the stuff you buy, but also, buy lite.. easy on the buying buddy!

all for now.

Jake de Grazia said...

Buylight, eh?

My sis just sent me these:

-the idea of leave no trace, vision, translucence....

Looks like you two are converging.

Mom just offered what I think is a pretty good one: thinknchoose.com.

Crytal Dragon said...

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