Thursday, February 28, 2008

Acorn's New Nut

Acorn Energy has adopted me.

About three weeks ago, my grandfather met John Moore, found out that John was about to travel to China, painted what couldn't have been anything other than a hugely inflated picture of the work I did while I was living over there, and told John he'd be crazy not to take me out to lunch sometime.

John and I ate the lunch, talked about China, talked about Acorn, talked about my project, kept in touch, and, next thing I knew, I found a letter on the doorstep asking me to become Acorn's Entrepreneur in Residence.

It's a mind-bogglingly unfair deal if you ask me. I get an office, a paycheck, an opportunity to learn about investing in clean energy technology, and most of my time to work on my own project. They get a long-haired, unshaven raving lunatic pacing the hallway, drawing on the whiteboard, and ferociously banging on the keyboard all day.

They dig the project, though, and they believe in me, and it feels great to know that. Huge thanks to John, Christy, and everyone else for making this happen. I'm honored to be a part of Acorn, and I look forward to reciprocating the generosity however I can.

I must say, however, that we've created a bit of an unlikely partnership. Acorn is a publicly traded holding company looking to convince hedge fund managers to mix micro cap energy into their portfolios. My project is a prototype-stage internet startup looking to build a core user community out of hippy ducksqueezers that believe in grassroots democratic economics.

But maybe it's perfect. I am, after all, excited to have discovered today that there does exist, surprising as it may seem, a school of thought believing that equally important to electromagnetically de-icing power transmission cables is rigging them with wind channeling devices and thus preventing them from swinging, twisting, and galloping.

Note: I still can't get over the Entrepreneur in Residence title. Fancy fancy fancy. I mean I would have been more than satisfied with Assistant to the Regional Manager.


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