Friday, February 8, 2008

Inspiration and Evolution

I had two great conversations yesterday and another today. New people. Connections through friends and friends of friends. People willing to take a little time, listen to me rave on about building a website to help people consume more responsibly, engage, and offer advice.

As usual, I walked away from each conversation a little more inspired, a little more excited to keep pushing this thing forward. It's amazing what a tiny new idea can do. What a little naysaying can do. What a little encouragement can do. What the thought that I have one more person wondering if I'm actually going to make the website happen can do.

It's really nice, as a young person trying to tackle a big problem, to know that there are people out there willing to throw a little wisdom at me. I appreciate it.

So I'm fired up about the project. And I'm fired up about inspiration. Might as well try and pass a little on...

TED Talks? Frans Lanting, maybe? A Lyrical View of Life on Earth. Photography, evolution, and a dude with very cool delivery.

"There are many ways to be a mammal."