Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Poll and the Parasaurolophus

A comment came in a couple of days ago telling me about a green living and fair trade site called WeBuyItGreen.

Jay, the site's founder, asked me if I would go to his forums and start a conversation about this blog. As part of his site, he wants to build an interactive catalog of the blogs he likes, and he wants the blurbs about the blogs to come, if possible, from the bloggers themselves rather than from him.

I went to the site, poked around a bit, read his blog, joined his discussion forum community, and wrote a few sentences about A More Perfect Market.

When I scrolled down to post the discussion thread I'd just created, I noticed that the system was asking me if I'd like to attach a poll to my thread.

I didn't know what that meant, but I was curious, so I clicked the box that said yes, thank you, I would like to attach a poll.

The system then prompted me to add my poll question.

I couldn't think of anything to ask.

Ask something I'd asked the kids at Earth Quaker Day? Ask what brand of running shoes people think is most socially and environmentally responsible? Ask what I could do to improve my blog (shorter posts, more frequent posts, more links, less links, etc.)? Ask what people think we should name the brand comparison site?

Nah. Not exciting enough. No reason to post a poll unless you're going to post a totally awesome poll. But I happened not to have the 20 minutes it would have taken to think of one that was both awesome and relevant.

So I asked what dinosaur people like best.

Turns out that surveys get seriously prominent placement on the WeBuyItGreen forums.

If nothing else, we'll prove, once and for all, that parasaurolophus is a tragically underappreciated dinosaur.