Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Love

T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore have been making some bold and important statements about our energy future lately, and, rightfully, they've been getting plenty of press.

There's another bold thinker out there, however, one that flies under the radar. One that seems, in my opinion, to have more relevant experience, a better understanding of energy-related technologies, and a more practical and comprehensive big vision than either the ex-VP or the oilman turned wind evangelist.

I had almost forgotten about him. As I've lamented these past few weeks the lack of a detailed blueprint of a abundant and sustainable energy future, he hasn't even cross my mind.

But, thanks to a little experimenting with an ad space barter service called Adoptic (which you can see in action if you scroll down to the bottom of the righthand sidebar), I discovered a new blog called Rebooting the Future, and the first thing I saw on there was this.

Amory Lovins. On Charlie Rose. Lovable as usual. Understated. Wise. Passionate. Articulate. And sporting an top class mustache.

I think I first tuned into Amory Lovins after going crazy over the The Ecology of Commerce, digging for all the Paul Hawken I could find, and reading my way to Natural Capitalism. I didn't fully appreciate Dr. Lovins, however, until early this year when I first watched his TED Talk. And I didn't realize how badly I need to go back and read everything he's ever written until I saw last week's interview.

I'll let it speak for itself, but, because you'll probably need some convincing to watch a 27 minute video, I will mention that it includes discussion of the world's largest chapstick, wildcatting in the detroit formation, corporate socialists in free marketeers' clothing, and a Charlie Rose moment extraordinaire in which Charlie finds a moment to interject, takes a breath, and changes the subject with a single, explosively delivered word.