Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Carrot Project?

Brent the mushroom hunter was up late last night thinking about names, and he came in today with a list.

Apparently, he had carrots on his mind. Big Orange Carrot. Carrot Trick. Tasty Carrots. Rabbit Watch. Carrot Factor. Carrot Theory.

I liked Carrot Theory. Carrot Theory dot com.

I asked around. Responses were lukewarm. So Brent and I regrouped.

He had another idea.

The Carrot Project. Carrot Project dot com.

A carrot. A positive incentive. The elusive responsible consumer dangling just barely in reach. The bait that sets in motion a race to the top.

And a project. An experiment. A collaboration. Something forever in process.

I made some calls. Everyone dug it. So I locked up a new set of URLs.

Maybe the luster will fade. Maybe this'll be nothing but an impulse blog post and USD 30 down the drain. But, maybe, we just named the site.

What do you think?