Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Prairie Blog

Wiley's blogging.

the chinabites blog

All lowercase.

Which, dude, is ridiculous. But you're forgiven. The blog's high quality, and chinabites itself is looking sharp.


The first version of chinabites was born of Wiley's desire to teach himself how to build websites in the Django framework.

And it was born of the fact that he loves introducing unsuspecting foreign visitors to the best restaurants in Beijing. And by best, I mean best. Not most popular. Not most novel. Not most foreigner friendly. Best. Most delicious. According to Wiley. And, in my opinion, the man's an authority.

His goal was to tackle the language barrier and the navigation barrier and get hungry foreigners to the tastiest food in Beijing. Without translators. Without tour guides. Without long negotiations with confused taxi drivers.

So he started taking pictures of food, writing about food, and building a space to house a little online community. An online community dedicated to sharing Beijing's best food.


All lowercase.

He's had the site live and running for many months, but I think right now is a natural time to start tuning in.

He just launched the second version of the site (fully rewrote and redesigned the whole beast). He just added the blog to the experience. And he just landed back in Beijing, armed with a camera and an intense hankering to eat the greatest food in the world.

I woke up this morning to an email from him. He'd gone out to his first Chinese meal in months, and he was in heaven. Such heaven, in fact, that he'd forgotten to take pictures.

We'll let you get away with that one time, Wiley. I'm expecting new pictures. With the quickness.


But back to the chinabites blog for a second.

I think it's curious that Wiley would name what the rest of the world hopes will be a lifetime blog effort after something other than a Prairie Dogg.

The more I think about it, though, the more I like it. Prairie Doggs don't need blog title nametags. They roam free, digging holes in the prairie wherever they damn well please.

And maybe it'll be fun to read "the chinabites blog" in some distant future lifetime when Wiley's posting about space travel in giant umbrellas.

Or, if he chooses not make the chinabites blog his lifelong dogg house, it'll be fun to follow him as he tunnels through the depths of the internets, popping his head out of a series of networked holes, each pop and gaze more focused and alert than the last.


Danny Shapiro said...

chinabites, AKA stay hungry looking at pictures of delicious food while you're thousands of miles away. thanks jake.

Jake de Grazia said...

Maybe you should keep chinabites handy just in case you get yourself into an ill-advised eating competition and need a little instant hunger creation.

Danny Shapiro said...

Tomato pie or ice cream. Pick your poison, sucka.

Jake de Grazia said...

Watermelons, dude. Or some other fruit or vegetable SIW Vegetables can provide.