Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wisdom from the Other Side

This is post number 100. Writing the first one felt big. So did hitting number 10. And so did number 50. Progress, I guess. Archives. A body of work. Moving forward one post at a time. I figure number 200 will feel even better.

I'm proud of myself for sticking with this thing: keeping discipline, battling through confusing thoughts, and staying up late to do it.

It hasn't always come naturally, but it's been worth every yawn.

For the comments. For the emails. For the ability to keep more friends and colleagues up to date than phones, Skype, and email could possibly handle. For the push to turn my thoughts into language that other people can understand. For the cleansed satisfaction of yanking things out of my head and storing them somewhere other than memory.

And for the excuse to work with my sister.

Most of what I've published here passes by her before it comes online, and every piece she reads is a piece that gets a whole lot better thanks to her thoughts and questions and edits.

I wish I could link you somewhere to give you a better introduction to Giuls, but she's not on the internets. I don't mean to say that she can't do what she needs to do online or use the web with dexterity. She can and she does. But she's not here: there's no online voice that represents Giuliana de Grazia.

Sometimes I think that's a bummer. I wish she blogged. I wish she did the Twitter thing. I wish I'd see her name show up in the comments on this blog. She's a serious writer and a serious thinker, and she'd have lots to say, lots to add.

But sometimes I'm glad that she operates on the outside. I think it's important that we all stay in contact with people that have chosen to maintain a little distance from the internets. It keeps us from forgetting that there's a bigger world out there. An offline world. A world a big part of which we can't touch unless we go visit. In person.

Huge thanks to you, Giuls. For the help. And for the reminder.


Danny Shapiro said...

Giuls is the bomb dot com. Agreed. It's nice to know that you have a sibling as supportive as she. Anywho, let me make this an official vote for Giuls having her own blog.

Votes for: 2 (we know who those two already, duh)
Votes against: (0, unless you count Giuls)

Jake de Grazia said...

Problem in this case is that the zero has veto power. If only this WAS a democracy, and she would run the risk of losing her office as "Giuls" if she didn't listen to her constituents and do what we want.