Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back, for a Moment Anyway

I am thoroughly exhausted. Weekends are much better sleep catchup tools for me than trips deep into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. But I'm fired up to get back to work. Back to The Carrot Project. Back to Acorn. Back to this blog.

I spent a lot of time over the past six days in lakes and on mountains, but my mind has been everywhere. And racing.

About collaborative online media and the possibility for a small, dedicated community to gather and analyze information and, through a simple dissemination tool, to provide huge enlightenment and discovery value to the masses.

About pennies saved, pennies earned, negawatts, and motivation: creating a retail market for the energy people choose to save.

About evolution, religion, and the difference between spiritual quests and reliance on the supernatural.

About Bo Jackson, internet comedy, sporting goods, and a way to support The Carrot Project as we try balance fiscal responsibility, financial sustainability, and the commitment to pure, unbiased, third party evaluation.

And, more than anything, about writing. My friend Tom, with whom I stayed up on Lake Superior, is a writer. A serious writer. An artist. Books not blogs. And there was nothing more fun over the past few days than the conversations we had about his work, his characters, and his process.

Made me want to write. And write I did. A little. Before falling asleep, after meals, between hikes. On the Posterous blog, something I'm enjoying more and more.

Anyway, I'm back in the office for a few days before I go on the road again, and 15 or 16 posts for August isn't out of reach yet. I'll see what I can do.