Monday, August 18, 2008

Django, Lightning, and a Trip to the Bay

My plane tickets are booked, and it looks like the stage is set for the geekiest weekend of my life.

Wiley's trip to PyCon a few months back led us to Carl and Eric, and, when Wiley reserved himself a spot at DjangoCon, he figured he'd get me one too. Just in case.

Sure enough, stars aligned, and we'll be rolling up to the Googleplex in Mountain View for two days of peace and Python on September 6th.

Wiley showed me the program today, and, if the presentation titles are any indication, I'll be one of very few truly non-technical people at the conference.

Nevertheless, he thinks I should give a lightning talk. He reckons a rookie entrepreneur managing a Django-fired web development project is as potentially compelling a speaker as anyone. I am, in a sense, a Django customer, and I have a story that might be useful to the Django creators and developer community.

And he's right. I do have a story. I always have stories. But DjangoCon is going to be quite a different audience from any I've ever addressed, and I'm not sure in which direction I ought to go.

I could give the quick rundown on The Carrot Project and what I hope it'll accomplish. I could talk about using small communities of users to power information engines capable of elegantly feeding the masses. I could talk about our request for proposal process and why we chose Django. I could talk about my experience with the framework so far, how it suits my needs as a founder, project manager, and grand administrator.

Or, maybe, if I'm lucky, the magic of the internets will lead the DjangoCon organizers to this blog post; they'll get in touch; and they'll tell me how I can add the most value. Maybe? Guys?

Anyway, regardless, I'm excited. There'll be heaps to learn, and, when necessary, Wiley'll be there to translate.