Saturday, September 20, 2008

Basking in the Glow

It's funny how even the tiniest bit of recognition makes you feel totally famous.

The following is a note from a friend, someone I met first in person but started to actually get to know through correspondence about the thoughts and stories I share through this blog.

Surfing the internet for (more) David Foster Wallace remembrances, anecdotes, etc., when I find your blog post about Wallace linked from a NYT blog (see the link at "footnote-loving"). Wait, okay, now I'm realizing mid-email that this probably isn't news to you, as you likely have some sort of Google Analytics gadget that tells you how people are accessing your blog. Nonetheless, this MPM fan took notice. No doubt you'll pick up some well-read fans.

Here's to more virtual ink from the Times, but next time, regarding the Carrot Project itself.

I do have some sort of Google Analytics gadget, and it did tell me about the mention on City Room a little while ago.

But it's still exciting.

I don't actually know how my post connects to love of footnotes in particular, and I cringe a little at the thought of literature people seeing the link, getting all excited about discovering another website of David Foster Wallace reviews and responses, and then finding themselves tricked into reading about wind farms and corporate sponsorships.

But, bottom line, it feels good to be famous, even if you're not.