Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few More Days of Quiet

I've lost some momentum here. Didn't plan on it. August was supposed to be the slow month. September was going to get it rocking again.

But crazy things happen. A trip to the Bay Area to meet the Django community and check in on friends of and advisors to The Carrot Project has turned into a trip to the Bay Area to hang with a friend that just lost his little brother.

I've written a bit about that over on the Posterous blog. Not really sure what to say or write or think or do, but all of us friends have been trying our best, and we'll keep at it.

As for work and this blog, I have been able to squeeze in a couple of meetings, and I am still going to DjangoCon on Saturday, so I already have and surely will continue to accumulate thoughts I'd like to throw up here.

Not sure when it'll happen, however.

Soon for sure. Or, to borrow a phrase from a friend sitting on a back porch with a guitar the other night, sometime between now and pretty soon.