Saturday, September 20, 2008


My cousin Parker and I just watched a movie we made five years ago. A full family effort. Our tribute to Best in Show.

Below the Belt.

The story of the greatest heavyweight title fight in history.

Last Christmas, Zoe, another cousin, put the movie on a DVD and added interviews from the movie premiere, outtakes, and deleted scenes.

When we made the movie, in 2003, my grandmother was very much alive, very much a part of the summer when we shot the movie and the winter when we released it to our world.

And Parker and I saw her tonight, on that DVD. She walked through the party at the premiere, dressed in her costume ball finest, and she walked through a scene in the outtakes, making a joke, making us laugh, doing what she did best.

No one I would have rather seen. Been almost 8 months.

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Dantaniel said...

As minor as it may be, it puts a smile on my face just to think about you and Parker watching (or shall I say revisiting) Below the Belt. Also, the mention of Zoe's name had the same effect.

Jake de Grazia said...

This was actually an accidental post. Meant to stash it quietly away on the Posterous blog. But the internets conspired against me and put it up here too. If it put a smile on your face though, brother, then those internets did the right thing.