Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spreading Some Buzz

One of my favorite Carrot Project competitors formally launched yesterday at TechCrunch 50. GoodGuide. Word from one email that came my way is that they "rocked the house."

I just watched the presentation. Sounds like the audience dug it, and looks like the judges were impressed.

The internets seem pretty excited too. VentureBeat. CNET. Earth2Tech. TechCrunch.

No one can believe that GoodGuide didn't exist until yesterday.

But it didn't. Some similar sites exist. Greenzer. Greener One. Buy It Like You Mean It. Oso Eco. But everyone has their own special take on things, their own unique angle.

GoodGuide's angle, it seems, is science. They KNOW the most. They UNDERSTAND the best. And that's a beautiful thing. It'll gain them heaps of credibility, heaps of trust. And it'll uncover a lot of truth and do some hugely important enlightenment work.

Science isn't perfect, however, especially the science of healthy, humane, and sustainable business, and I worry that over-reliance on science can obscure humility. Sometimes the people that know the most are the people that end up being the most dangerously wrong, end up causing the most misunderstanding. In their knowledge and understanding, they get overconfident, close their minds, stop questioning, and overlook new information, new ideas, new circumstances.

GoodGuide certainly doesn't have to follow that path. Hopefully, they won't. Hopefully, they'll stay curious, stay introspective, stay humble, and stay open to the fact that science isn't always reliable.

If they do, they'll make a hugely positive impact on the world.

Either way, in the meantime, while I watch to see how they move forward and keep banging away on The Carrot Project, I'll be using GoodGuide at every opportunity and, hopefully, buying from soap and shampoo manufacturers that ought be rewarded for the way they do business.