Sunday, September 28, 2008

Think Globally, Write Locally

It looks like my writing life is about to turn down something of an unexpected path.

My friends over at just entered into an agreement that has put them in charge of launching and populating a "green" section of a Greater Philadelphia Area news aggregation website, and they've asked me to contribute.

Carrot Project brand comparisons are what they really want, and that's what I really want to give them, but, while we wait for those to be ready for public release, we're going to get things started with a little amateur journalism.

As of a few days ago, I'm a contributing writer to the burgeoning Green and Save media empire, and, starting sometime in October, I'll be doing a little locally focused blogging.

Which, as those of you that read this blog regularly know, is something I don't often do.

I did once make a post about Philly cheesesteaks and vegetarian politicians, and there was a hint of local flavor in that, but, right or wrong, I've been doing the think global, write global thing. It's what's felt natural these past eight months, where my thoughts have tended to take me, and where they'll likely continue to pull.

But there's room for local too. Room and good reason.

Local is key. Think Dave Eggers and Clifford Stoll: kids and schools and investing time in the future. Think Majora Carter and Van Jones: starting with neighborhood efforts and accomplishing amazing things by building ideas out from there. And, even for me, as I think about it now in the context of what I'm writing tonight, I realize that the people that inspired me most in China were rural social entrepreneurs, local leaders that saw their tiny little hometowns as as good a set of communities as any from which to start changing the world.

I'm excited to get grounded again in place and physical community.

I just hope I can think of silly enough material. Maybe an "edible plant walk" with a hippie botanist on Thursday afternoon? Just got an invitation from my uncle the farmer to tag along on that...