Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Enough Dinosaurs

At the end of James Governor's talk at the New York Web 2.0 Expo in September, I overheard a conversation about The Energy Collective, thought it sounded cool, and used my telepathic powers to convince Robin, the founder, to pass me a card on her way out the door.

It seemed like a simple and reasonable idea. Anyone that considers him- or herself an energy blogger can go to The Energy Collective and register a blog. Administrators subscribe to everyone's feeds, skim through lots and lots of posts, choose what they think is most valuable, roll those all star articles into a single feed, give it the Energy Collective stamp of approval, and use it as a centerpiece around which to build an energy-focused online community.

A couple of days later, I dug the card out, played around on the site, read a bunch of posts, registered A More Perfect Market, and forgot about it.

This morning, however, Google Analytics told me that The Energy Collective had linked me a little traffic, so I browsed on over to investigate.

Sure enough, not only have a few MPM posts made it into the all star feed recently, but, at the bottom of each of those articles, someone has attached a great little description of this blog:

A More Perfect Market is Jake de Grazia's weblog. He started it in January 2008 with the intention of chronicling the creation of The Carrot Project, his sustainable business focused dot com startup. The chronicling continues, but interspersed with it are thoughts about energy, social media, and, not often enough, dinosaurs.

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