Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Crunchy Con

A few months ago, a close friend of The Carrot Project told me I ought to start reading Christian conservationist Rod Dreher.

At first I was scared. Dogmatic monotheism is definitely not my thing.

I'm a little bit obsessed with evolution. I consider Richard Dawkins brilliant not only for his biology and physics but also for his unrepentant atheism. And Bertrand Russell's defense of curiosity and creativity in Why I Am Not a Christian has shaped me philosophically as much as anything I've ever read.

But, because Dreher came into my life through this crazy startup project, I took more notice than I otherwise would have, and I've been reading the man almost every day. And while I struggle sometimes with the standard social conservative vs try everything agnostic disagreements, I'm recognizing more and more common ground.

Food, for example. Dreher reads Pollan. He loves Joel Salatin. And he's on the turn a piece of the White House lawn into a mini organic farm bandwagon.

I think he's a little bit crazy. I'm sure, if he knew me or read what I've been writing, he'd have similar suspicions about me. But I want Rod Dreher in the community. I want the movement to embrace him. I want the Obama people to listen to him. And, of course - and this, I think, will be the ideologically easy part - I want him in on The Carrot Project.

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