Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking off in a few minutes and driving my grandfather down to North Carolina to visit some family. I'll probably go quiet on here until next Monday. Might be some action over at Radical Transparency, though. We'll see.

Quick little Thanksgiving thought before I go...

It's incredible to me that humans have invented the crazy comforts in our lives. Hot showers. Electricity. Pumpkin pie. Books. Totally weird and truly impressive.

But sad sad sad that the inventions haven't spread to everyone.

And maybe that's because those of us that have them don't fully appreciate our comforts. For, if we did, wouldn't we smile and smile and smile and feel overwhelmingly compelled to share? To introduce those comforts to everyone? Everyone, everywhere, sustainably, forever?

If we truly appreciated the showers, truly appreciated the pie, I think sharing would be a priority.

Much love and thanks to all my friends that do appreciate and have made sharing their work. Economic development people. Microfinance people. Education people. Community health people. People working to bring new, hopeful, sustainably abundant lives to the poorest places on Earth.

And special thanks one of those friends, Lander, a Kiva fellow in Indonesia, who, yesterday, told a story about a man that appreciates, a man that shares.

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