Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let It Grow

Barack Obama won that race with community.

The movement started small. It grew organically. It grew virally. It grew step by step, door to door, one on one.

Barack and his inner circle gave big love to their early adopters and innovators and turned them into grassroots evangelists.

They let that first generation of evangelists anoint the next.

They asked for help. Bitesized help. Donate ten dollars. Pass a YouTube video to your friends. Invite other local supporters over for dinner.

They thanked people. They confirmed that the help was meaningful. And they asked for more. Because they needed it. Because it truly would help the cause.

And they communicated excitement and possibility and creation, not fear.

So we communicated the same. We, the bitesized evangelists.

And, now, no matter how little time or money we gave, we feel a part of this.

Not just the win. Not just the history of last night. But, more importantly, we feel a part of the years to come.

So I have a message for the team...

Keep the community in tact. Keep asking us for help. Keep telling us you need it. And keep encouraging us to grow the community.

All campaign teams harness community to spread the message and get out the vote. But they stop there. They thank their supporters one last time and tell them they'll be in touch when the next election rolls around. They hunker down and filter all discussions through stumps, pressrooms, and hallowed halls. And they forget that they can change the world with things other than rules and regulations. They forget that in their community they have an overflowing supply of time and energy and passion.

In my opinion, if Barack Obama keeps in touch with his community, if he keeps his love for the community, if he keeps telling his community what he's up against, if he keeps asking for ideas and advice from his community, and if he keeps giving credit to his community when it creates and inspires, then the evangelism will roll right along, and he'll have millions of vehicles through which to solve big problems and make big change. Bitesized, evangelical vehicles. Vehicles that, in sum, are likely far more sustainably powerful than any law.

Note (to McCain supporters and Obama detractors): Please don't be afraid. This win and this country's immediate future belongs to you too. Join the community. Voice disagreement and concern. Recognize the convergent long term vision, and make the movement wiser.

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