Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Waste Management, Storytelling, and the Law

My cousin is applying to law school, and he wrote me yesterday, asking if I had any advice for him as he works to put together a personal statement outlining his reasons for pursuing a law degree. He wants to write something that shows his commitment both to social justice and environmental issues, and he wants to explain why he thinks the proper legal training will help him work toward a cleaner and more equitable world.

I told him good plan, and I asked him to call me and yank me away from what I'm doing and make me think about it seriously with him sometime this week.

This afternoon, my aunt, his mom, totally independently of my back and forth with him, sent me this:

Watch CBS Videos Online

THAT is why the law is important.

Because people try to cheat. Because they try to get rich quick. Because creativity gets misdirected. Because innocent people get hurt. And because they need help. Sophisticated help. Help that can operate internationally and follow the footprints wherever they lead.

Note: Makes me sad to see the China in that video. I don't think 60 Minutes was unfair. That's an important story, and I think they went about telling it as honestly and completely as they could. But China is so much more than that. And the good stories ought to get out too. Wokai? You guys are on that I hope.

Another Note: Big love and respect to Beijing veteran Jamie Choi for the Greenpeace interpretation that starts 7 minutes and 45 seconds into the video.

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