Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gotta Love the Man's Mustache, Though

One quote of many:

Jimmy Carter understood that there was a risk if we increased our dependence on foreign oil. But did it not sound similar to Obama? Turn down your thermostats? Buy a smaller car? Conserve? I have spent quite a bit of time in Russia and China, and that’s the first stage. You go from having your own car to carpooling to riding the bus to mass transit. You eventually get to where you’re walking. You go from your own apartment and bathroom to sharing kitchens with four families. That’s what socialism and the elimination of capitalism and free enterprise is all about.

That's Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, the fourth largest coal company in the United States.

It's fear. Fear of change. Fear that people are going to struggle in a new world with new challenges.

And it's sad that Blankenship and others feel that way. It'd be a bummer to live with those thoughts.

But I think a speech like that is a good sign. There's nothing calm and confident about it. It's pure desperation. A death rattle, perhaps. A horn. A buzzer. The end of Blankenship at the helm, the end of Massey at the top, the end of the coal era, and the end of those overblown fears.

Thanks to Frances Beinecke for sharing the Williamson Daily News article, and thanks to Alex for sharing the Frances Beinecke post.

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