Saturday, December 27, 2008

Idealism, Infiltration, and the Metaphorical Car

I think I'm going to stick to video for a couple more posts. Test it out. See if I can handle it. See what people think. The writing'll definitely be back. But probably not until all these relatives clear out and give me a little more nighttime quiet.

The metaphor I often throw out there when trying to contrast my more perfect market approach to the crisis with the harder core, more activist approach is one involving a car on its way off a cliff. The hard core people want to stop the car: slam on the brakes, cut the engine, shoot the tires, blow up the engine. I want to yank the steering wheel as far as it'll go to one side and see if we can avoid the cliff and get moving in a sustainable direction.

Maybe we won't be able to turn in time. Maybe there are cliffs off in every direction. Maybe the car is destined to crash and burn, cliffs or no cliffs. But the car - sedentary communities, large scale agriculture, nation states, industrialism, capitalism - is a powerful thing, psychologically especially, and I'm not convinced anything's going to stop it.

I think we're stuck with this car. I think we need to make the best of it. And I think somewhere in this braintangle of humanity we have the creativity to make it run clean and happy.

Note: Eric McDavid is the entrapped co-conspirator from my totally incomplete story. The internets are a little thin on recent and recognizably reputable reports on what happened and where things stand now, but here's one clearly articulated take on the story.

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