Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Note the Hairdo

If you want to watch me get all intense and excited while I rave on about carrots and dreams and trust and history and transparency and expertise and collaboration, click here.

It's silly. Not what I'd call a polished interview performance. But I do think I handled the moment in which I lost my train of thought like a champion.

The interview with me is just one little piece of the work that co-founders Jon Melhuish and Annesley Newholm have done to encourage collaboration between crunchy consumption projects.

See Jon's blog for more interviews and notes, and keep your eyes out in January for news about how people actually might work together.

It's a fascinating group so far. Ethical Consumer Magazine, GoodGuide, Alonovo, Buy It Like You Mean It, to name a handful. It'll take some masterful cat herding to yank us all out of our own heads and onto the same team, but you never know. Everybody's committed. Nobody seems greedy. Should be fun.

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