Monday, December 1, 2008

Rankings, Ratings, and Philosophical Math

On Thursday, Carl sent an email telling me the time had come for some Carrot Project soul searching. Eric agreed. Wiley agreed. Brent agreed. I agreed. Emails flew all weekend. And it was beautiful. Felt like we were trying to change the world with a tiny little dot com startup or something.

So, last night, before bed, I talked to the webcam* for a few minutes.


Great sleep. Great morning. Heaps of anticipation as the day drifted closer to this afternoon's meeting.

I was all fired up to talk transparency, all fired up to figure out how to make sure that everyone that joins our little testing community understands why we're doing things the way we're doing them and forgives us for the potentially misleading incompleteness of our first shot at brand comparisons.

But the meeting never really made it to transparency. We looked at the problem again, and I finally admitted that we couldn't humble it away. In private beta, yeah, sure. But not long term. Not sustainably.

So we're going with Carl's big suggestion. We're taking a turn for the philosophically mathematical. We're calling on Thomas Bayes.

More to come. Soon I hope. Within the next couple of weeks anyway. Including what we expect to be strange and entertaining attempts at introducing Bayesian probability to a market segment Wiley just named "the lazy hippies."

*Note: Is the sound really bad on this video? Do I need a new microphone? It sounds ok to me, but I think I might be able to understand because it's my voice and my words and I know what I said...

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