Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tapping the SAFE

I made a little change on this blog yesterday. I took the list of TED Talks off of the right hand sidebar and replaced it with a list of people that inspire me.*

A few of the TED speakers remain on the Inspiration list, but I've cut most of them, and my last and most difficult cut was economic development statistician Hans Rosling.

I've cut him only from the sidebar, however, not from my heart, so I post now his latest: six and a half minutes of face in the handicam with Thomas Crampton, six and a half minutes of China and money and optimism...

Now pause for a moment and think about the fact that the value of the goods China produces every day is USD 1 billion higher than the value of the goods it consumes.

And, while you're paused, ask what those goods are and whether they have real value.

And ask how it's possible, with that surplus, that half of the people in China still live in intense poverty.

But stay paused and be reminded that big, meaningful surpluses do still exist. Be reminded that tiny fractions of those surpluses, if invested wisely, could fund the creation of technologies and infrastructure that will deliver abundant, sustainable energy to everyone in the world. Be reminded that we do not lack the resources** to create "a good world for everyone within one or two generations."

Thanks to Wiley for the sharing the video.

*Well. Mostly people. People and a bird.

**Yes this is Tony Robbins, and yes he is ridiculous, but he hooked me with that TED Talk. I absolutely love what he says to Al Gore.

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