Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You 2008

A year ago today, I made my first ever serious New Year's Resolution. I promised myself I'd write.

And I did. Right here at first. And after a few months, over on Posterous as well. And, of course, in emails and letters and late night scrap paper too.

Some of the writing was pure joy. Some was a struggle. Some I liked. Some not so much. But I did it, and it's all out there, and it's real, and it's me.

And I'm glad.

My Aussie fireman uncle told me years ago that if I wrote I'd capture thoughts that might otherwise drift and disappear. I'm pretty sure I've done that. And I'm pretty sure I'm never stopping.

And I think I'm on the New Year's Resolution wagon for the long haul as well.

So, starting tomorrow, I'm getting serious about sharing other people's reading experiences. If someone I love or respect recommends a book and shows some passion in the recommendation, I'll read it.

More specific than last year. Maybe not as time commitment ambitious. But I know it'll complement the continued writing, and I know I'm a better thinker when I'm reading and reading purposefully. So I'm excited. Especially now that I've written it down.

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