Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bowie, Neckties, and Intuition Listening

In addition to dropping the always useful reminder that people that don't feel right wearing ties shouldn't look for jobs that make them wear ties, Gary Vee hated on advice addiction today.

I'm really tired of people asking me this: Dear Gary, Can you give me five things I should do to start my company? What are three tricks that you did to build Wine Library? What are seven ways you built up your Twitter list? What are nine things I should do for my brand?

Here's what you should do. You should listen to one person in the world. Yourself. The intuition listening that we are doing, as human beings, on a business level, is atrocious.

I love the passion behind what Gary says. And I can totally appreciate that an entrepreneur has to trust his heart first and everything other than his heart only if his heart approves. But I wonder what Gary would think about a ten tips for entrepreneurs list clearly comes from its author's heart.

A friend sent me this link in an email today: ten things startup entrepreneurs can learn from David Bowie.

It's a fun article.

Good Bowie stories:

Bowie has been criticised for being a cultural magpie, dabbling in various genres and cherry picking themes and styles for his own purposes. To me, this is one of the things that makes him interesting. As Oscar Wilde said, “talent borrows, genius steals”. To the uninformed, Bowie’s career during the 70s looks like a series of huge artistic leaps, but Seabrook [the post is written largely in reference to a book called Bowie in Berlin by Thomas Jerome Seabrook]
shows that at every stage, he was assembling and building on influences in other people’s work. What sets him apart from more predictable artists was a restless curiosity that led him to explore different genres.

And what might be good advice:

Explore and test different business models. Invest time and effort up front to create business systems that will take care of you - and your creativity - in the long term.

Thanks to Lateral Action and Mark McGuinness, whoever you are. I see a lot of rock and roll on your blog. I'll be checking back.

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