Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Listening and Making Taste

Wiley sent me this link late last night.

I love that it puts pained human faces on the characters that spend big chunks of their lives trying to trick people into wanting and needing and buying things.

The tastemakers are hipsters, almost all White, almost all male, in their 30's or younger, and far fewer of them are gay than you would think. They are voracious, almost desperate consumers of popular culture and are nearly all filled with self-loathing because they work in advertising instead of producing any of that popular culture.

I love that it digs a bit at a fundamental problem with our economic culture, a problem The Carrot Project hopes to contribute to solving.

The corporations of the world, at least the ones more than 20 years old, still want to live in a top-down, command-and-control environment where they call all the shots. They want to produce goods and services that people will pay for, but they do not want the rabble to actually talk back to them.

And I love that Wiley is still, after close to three years of unsuccessful nudging, trying to make a Slashdot reader of me.


There's something big and important in that comment. And I don't think I'm even close to all the way to figuring it out. But I keep going back to that self loathing.

Wouldn't your average caricatured tastemaker be much less desperate and insecure if he were advertising the truth?

Maybe? Hmmm. I'll keep thinking.

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