Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fighting Dirty Over Clean Coal

As the world's 67th most important clean coal blogger (as of June 2008), I feel that it's my responsibility to post this and comment...

Makes me think of Al Gore's call for strategic persuasion. And makes me wonder if Al would think if this ad has taken that persuasion too far.

Is it ok, ethically, under any circumstances, to persuade without touching the argument?

The clean coal debate is not about whether coal is a black, dusty, unhealthy substance. It's about whether it makes sense to invest heavily in technologies that could, if successful, pull carbon dioxide out of coal emissions and store it safely.

Here's a TV spot from the other side of the debate. Not a whole lot better. But is that an excuse?

I feel like we have a nuh-uh, yeah-huh argument on our hands here. Bummer.

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