Thursday, February 19, 2009

ODE to a Puddle

About three weeks ago, I saw something cool, wanted to remember it, and figured Twitter'd be as good a place to take a note as any:

jdegrazia: birds drinking from a puddle outside. water not the most appetizing. but watching those guys use their beaks to scoop water is awesome.

While I was there, I saw this:

odemagazine: direct message us if you'd like to be profiled on our site as a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR!!! We're looking for positive stories!

I was feeling socially entrepreneurial at the moment, so I got in touch.

And, sure enough, a few emails later, this afternoon, the ODE people sent me a link.

Once again, I'm famous. And pretty excited about the picture. It's from the farm show (and the Carrot Project blog).

Thank you blackbirds.

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Unknown said...

I disagree with you Jake.
This is not a back story.
For me, it is the story.

I think that you stopping to admire, enjoy watching birds drinking from a puddle tells volumes about who you are.
I hope you keep enjoying the stuff that nature sends your way.

Jake de Grazia said...

Thanks, Jacques. More fun to pay attention.