Friday, March 13, 2009

Money, Value, and Ambition

This is an article on wealth, exploitation, and a pervasive ambition among the best and brightest young Chinese minds.

I'll try to convince you to read it by quoting a piece of its conclusion. Totally out of context, of course. Sorta going for the mystery thing here, hoping to trick you into clicking through and reading on...

Perhaps America doesn't have as much to fear from foreign competition as we thought.

The point is (or a point is) that we need to make some serious adjustments to the world economy. And we need to make some serious changes to the money and ambition culture that the economy has bred (and bred everywhere).

There are heaps of smart young people in this world. Too many of them want to be investment bankers. And way too many of those that want to be investment bankers want to be investment bankers for the wrong reasons. Way too many want to make money without wanting to create real value.

It's a good article. And a short article. Thanks to Big Dan Shupp for sharing it.

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