Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Straws, Not Milkshakes

Returning to the silliness for a moment, I got a mysterious email from my sis the other day:

do you like drinking through a straw? just curious...

I responded:

Rarely. Well, maybe I do like it, but only when I get the special urge. I'll almost never drink a whole beverage through a straw, for example. But milkshakes might be the exception to that rule. Though, come to think of it, I took the straw out of the the milkshake I had the other day and used a spoon and then drank from the cup. But it was not a good milkshake. Runny and clumpy. And not great ice cream. Ugh. Bummer. I love milkshakes, too. Oh well. Next time.

Milkshakes turned out to be irrelevant. Giuls responded with links. To a glass straw. And a steel straw.

BYOStraws. The future of drive thru drink purchases? The next Nalgene movement? Tools for which we'll all soon have holsters?

More likely a reminder that a straw is one of those plastic objects in our lives that we probably ought to cut out entirely.

Unless we have a broken jaw or something. In which case, give me the glass straw. Steel looks kinda jagged.

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