Friday, March 6, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Fix

One of my sister's friends just sent us a link to The Repair Manifesto.

It's considers itself the beginning of a movement. A movement to replace recycling with repairing. When and where possible, of course. Which, hopefully, eventually, will be always and everywhere.

Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul, and its inherent beauty.

Making repairs is good for the imagination.

Even fakes become originals when you repair them.

Makes me think of the AeroCivic. And the fact that The Carrot Project should contribute by helping figure out which glues and tapes and nails are produced most sustainably.

The Manifesto is a Platform 21 creation. Thank you PSFK for telling us about it. And thank you Renegade Futurist for telling PSFK.

Note: I just added PSFK to my Google Reader. Worth a look for sure. Cane-Fired Electricity. Programmable Matter. A Banksy Lottery. Whole Foods and Microfinance. All since yesterday. My kind of multi-voiced blog.

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