Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunnies, Carrots, and Compostable Cups

I had visions of following my unplanned, week-long More Perfect Market hiatus with something a little thinkier, but this is current, so it's going up. Thinkiness to follow soon. I hope.

My grandfather hosts an egg hunt and softball game every year on Easter, and whichever of us (his progeny) are closest at hand do the organizing (inviting, dyeing, hiding, old glove repair, etc.).

Given my living arrangement for the past year plus, I'm definitely close, so, in the spirit of crunchiness (and because it's the right thing to do), we're going be a little more mindful this year.

And that starts with eliminating bottled water from the shopping list. We'll have beer and juice boxes (which might be an environmental disaster themselves...gotta do some learning there), but, if people want water, we'll have taps and hoses.

And cups. Sustainably produced cups. Or, at least, what we hope are sustainably produced cups.

I just placed an order with Eco Products. I thought about going the show the big company that it ought to commit hard to its "green" product lines route and getting bare cups by Solo, but I had a good chat with the Eco Products customer service department (full IM transcript here), and I figured I'd give them a try.

Their corn polymer sourcing looks decent. They offset their transportation footprint. And the fact that they're wiling to talk and think and do a little follow up info gathering for me is a good sign.

Gotta be accessible if you're gonna be transparent. So far, so good from Eco Products.

I'll report more if there's more to report.

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