Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Chicken Sourcing Experiment

We needed chicken last weekend. For the big pre-egg-hunt meal. So I made some calls. To a farmer and some butchers.

And, while it took a little while to find exactly what we wanted, we got the chicken and cooked a beautiful meal.


One of the conversations from that day has been haunting me ever since:

Butcher: Hello. Bachetti Brothers. How may I help you?
Jake: Hi. Do you guys have any local, organic chicken?
Butcher: We don't have any organic food here.

And she said it righteously. A roll of her verbal eyes.

Ugh. Total bummer.

But I think I've just exorcised the haunting. By pulling out the calendar and turning this into an experiment...

Two months from now, I'm calling Bachetti Bros. Gourmet Meat Market & Catering, asking that same question, and taking notes. And then, two months from then, I'm calling and asking again. And after another two months, another call. And on and on.


Baschetti Brothers tells me they can sell me local, organic chicken.


They go out of business.

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