Monday, April 13, 2009

Water Is For Fightin

I was catching up on comment responses this morning, and I noticed that a thought I posted on nouns and verbs brought in a link to some rules governing literary art.

It's Mark Twain criticizing James Fenimore Cooper. And it's harsh. And funny. And useful. If you write or tell stories. Which I think we all do, in one way or another.

Anyway, as soon as I finished reading the essay and responding to the comment, I figured I'd follow my catching up on blog commenting with some catching up on blog reading. I checked in on No Impact Man, pressed play on the embedded video I found there, and, magically, nouns and verbs segued perfectly into water and plastic...

I love weird little coincidences like that.

And I love to see journalists working to educate consumers.

Whole lot of dangerously partial truth in water marketing. Whole lot of manipulation. And someone's gotta fill in the gaps.

Thank you Stephanie Soechtig. In advance. Provided that the movie's as good as the trailer makes it look. And the soundtrack's as good as the trailer makes it sound.

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