Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Big Word

Did a 9pm to 3am drive with Jason on Sunday night.

We hadn't seen each other for a while, so we had a lot to discuss. Tomatoes. Pyschics. China. Purpose...

He asked me if I felt like The Carrot Project was My Purpose.

I thought Purpose was a big word. Sometimes a scary word. But probably a good word to keep in mind.

So I told him The Carrot Project was a piece of My Purpose. A Purpose, which, at the moment, feels something like this...

The Purpose is to help people participate in making the world a better place. To help make the participation meaningful. And to help people see that their participation, even if it's only a small part of a small part of a small part of something, is meaningful.

So there it is. As it has evolved up to right now.

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