Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Certainty and Trust

Certainty is a worry.

It's pretty much best friends with Closed-Mindedness.

But it's also really tight with Trust.

And hard to keep Passion around if Trust is getting antsy to leave the party.


The Certainty my sister and I started talking about last night was certainty about knowledge and certainty in discussion. And we didn't like it at all. "So much pleasure and excitement in constantly pursuing things," said Giuls.

But then we thought about the word in other contexts. Aren't we certain about our love for each other? Doesn't it take certainty about the rightness and potential positive impact of our work for us to commit to it?

We decided that Trust might be a better word for us.

But, still, this is tricky. Because I think I am and should be certain about some fundamental things. And I think I should also be scared of closing the mind.

So maybe what we want is Certainty in the moment? Given the information we have about the present situation, and given what that information and other information tells us about the likely future, we are certain, in this moment. Maybe?

Language. Not afraid to make the mind spin around and trip over itself.

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