Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the Record

When you're doing something important, like launching a big project, or a new company, or running some sort of campaign designed to change things, keep a scrapbook. Not a note book, a tool for writing down facts. A scrapbook. Include photos and quotes and clippings and events. Two reasons. First, you'll be glad later (I still have scrapbooks from some of my previous projects) and more important, because it will remind you that you're doing something important and that time is precious.

That's Seth Godin, in a sidenote to a post about nostalgia.

I started this blog thinking it'd become something like a scrapbook, a catalog of thoughts and questions and stories connected to my first shot at starting something serious.

I wanted a scrapbook so I could look back at yesterday's mind and analyze.

I wanted it so friends and colleagues and advisors could see me starting to fly off the rails and yank me back.

I wanted it for my grandchildren, so they can meet the 26, 27, etc. year old me someday.

I wanted it because I thought I might spill out some words worth saving.

I wanted it because I wished I had everyone else's scrapbooks. For guidance. For ideas. For inspiration. For laughs.

And I wanted it because maybe I'm on the road to something huge, because it might be useful to the world someday to see the instant replay of someone that knows very little about doing anything gets his hands on a good idea and somehow takes it big.

Seventeen months in, I don't think More Perfect Market, in isolation, is a scrapbook. It's a pile of scraps, some for the book, some for somewhere else.

Selections from More Perfect Market plus The Carrot Project Blog plus a little Radical Transparency plus videos like today's that go on too long or for whatever other reason never make it out of Viddler, and I think there do exist the components of the beginnings of a scrapbook.

And it is good to know it's all safe on the internets. Reminds me, in moments of doubt and sleepiness, of how badly I want to give this project all I can, how much I'd love to make this little change in the world.

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