Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Touch Test

A. By posting this video, I feel like I'm doing my part in keeping the crunchy toilet paper meme alive.

2. Gotta love Rolf Skar. I would never have expected a Greenpeace spokesman to have stayed so cool in a Fox News interview.

d. In Megyn's mind, she made Rolf's best point for him: far more important than protecting ancient forests is keeping scary-sounding chemicals off our bodies.

It always makes me feel a little sad to hear things like that, for I'm pretty sure Megyn is speaking for more than just her Fox News audience when she says it, and I wonder just how slippery the health-consciousness to envronmentalism slope really is.

My suspicion is not slippery enough. And I think those of us that have already been rolling down the mountain a while need to do a better job with our ice and banana peels.

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