Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Partially Ever Enough?

About a month ago, Coke announced that they were going to start integrating plant materials into their plastic bottles.

They got some cautiously optimistic love on the internets for it. And, when they actually launch the PlantBottle, they'll get some more.

But my humble prediction is that 30% plant materials, regardless of the positive impact that'll have environmentally, won't earn them significant trust or loyalty or increased market share.

30% isn't big enough. It's not a good enough story. It's not a revolution.

It betrays, to use a word I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk, half-pregnancy.

And that's a bummer, because Coke's doing a good thing.

But the feeling that 30% isn't enough is a good thing too, because while Coke recognizes and admits that it's a bad idea to use petroleum-based plastics to package their liquids, they still feel ok about using bottles that are made of 70% petroleum-based plastics, and that is a bummer.

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