Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Tail And The Chute

I've been living with my now 88 year-old grandfather for about 18 months, and hardly a day's gone by without him hassling me about one aspect of The Carrot Project or another.

He knows just about everything about everything at this point: plans, dreams, challenges, lessons learned, sleep lost. And there's no subject on which he doesn't have advice.

Less than three months from now, however, I'll be living in LA, and not having him around will be a bit of an adjustment.

Or, if you ask him, a bit of a worry.

This, from tonight, at my mother's house, where Hal and I were having dinner...

I'm gonna miss this one.

He's deserting me, you know?

Which means I won't be around to grab his tail as he goes up the chute and pull him back to reality.

No question it's the unrelentingly improbable bigness of the vision that sparks the highest intensity commentary.

But, grumbly as that commentary often sounds, I know it's improbable bigness that he loves most.

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