Sunday, July 19, 2009

Extroverted Consumption and White Plastic Balls

Tough to keep up with the blogging during Wiffle season.

And tough to play with plastic bats and balls that show no signs of recyclability.

There's no clear Contact Us channel on the Wiffle site, but I just sent this to Hank at The Connecticut Store, the Wiffle distributor through which I order cases of balls when summers begin...

Hey Hank,

I'm sending this to you because Wiffle itself doesn't seem to want to be in email contact with anyone. And because I've corresponded with you in the past about cases of balls that I've ordered. And because you've been exceptionally nice and helpful...

I play Wiffle whenever I can. My cousins and I play hard. We think we play well. We love it. We learned from our uncles. And we'll teach another generation someday for sure.

We're hard on our gear, however. We dent, bend, and crack bats often, and it's rare that a ball lasts more than a week before we've disfigured it and dropped it in the retired balls bucket.

Looking at that bucket today, I thought about plastic and petrochemicals and pollution, and I decided I'd figure out how to keep those old balls (and their bat cousins) from evre being sent to a landfill.

Step one in that process is finding out if there's a regular old recycling option available.

I've looked on all the Wiffle packaging I can find (minimal, mostly cardboard packaging, which I like), and I haven't been able to find any info on recyclability there. But I'm not giving up that easy. So I'm asking you what you know.

Might Wiffle balls and bats be recyclable after all? Do you know what kind of plastic are they made of? Possible that they're made of recycled plastic already? Possible to make them of recycled plastic? Or compostable bio-plastics? But I'm digressing.

First things first. Any suggestions on recycling Wiffle gear?

Let me know.



Maybe one way to consume responsibly is to initiate with the producers.

Maybe they'll talk back. Maybe we'll listen to each other. And maybe we'll all learn.

We'll see.

I'm definitely swinging with my eyes closed a little bit here. But you never know. And I say better to swing and hope than let a fastball down the middle fly by. Or at least that's what I say when I really badly want to end a blog post with a baseball metaphor...

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