Monday, July 27, 2009

Receiving Like We Give

Another thing about being a rookie...

Or maybe about trying to make a business out of a cause...

Or maybe just about something I don't do well...

I've had a hard time accepting help on The Carrot Project.

People tell me they'd be happy to take on a little piece of work. I feel guilty that I might ask for too much. And, instead of explaining my concerns for overburdening a volunteer or taking advantage of generosity, describing exactly what I'd love to have someone do, and seeing if the offerer feels ready to commit, I choose something based on its smallness.

I remember (but can't seem to dig up) a passage from The Art of Loving about giving and receiving love. Fromm's point was that to receive gracefully is much more difficult than to give.

Maybe the same goes for help.

Does for me, anyway.

And I'm writing this blog post to tell myself to get better at it.

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