Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That Does Not Mean They Are Not Recyclable

As I mentioned before, I want to find a home for some well-loved but no longer playable Wiffle gear.

In addition to emailing Hank the ball dealer, I asked the internets what they knew, and, among other things, found a story about mascots in Cincinnati.

I wrote to Rumpke Recycling, and Rumpke wrote back...

Wiffle balls and bats are not acceptable materials for our traditional residential recycling programs, but that does not mean they are not recyclable. With any commodity, we have to find a buyer/manufacturer to take the material for re-use. For example, we send plastic milk jugs to a manufacturer of industrial drainage pipe. We know we will consistently receive milk jugs from people on a weekly basis, and we have an agreement established with the manufacturer.

They say they'll take my bats and balls if I have enough to interest one of their clients.

I bet enough's a lot.

But I'm tempted to try anyway. Patiently, of course. But not passively.

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