Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eggplants and Hazelnuts

Justin Finnegan and I never lived in the same Chinese city at the same time. Our paths did some crossing, however, both in this country and that. Always enjoyably.

As far as I know, he's still affectionately known, to his Chinese friends, as The Big Eggplant.

And, after a couple of years back in the States, he's taken his show on the road. To Bhutan. To plant hazelnut trees.

Entrepreneurially. Microfinancially. Adventurously.

Says Justin:

The world is in need of—and ready for—a lot more nontraditional careers.

Yes it is. Lots of problems. Lots of paths that haven't led to real solutions. Lots of feelings of helplessness. Lots of giving up. Lots of lowered standards. Lots of half-assed comfort. Lots of conservatism. Not enough crazy decisions to move to Bhutan to set up sustainable nut economies.

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