Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Predictions, Surveilance, and The Terminator Seed

Jon watched Food Inc. on Monday.

And, as an aspiring metaphorical physicist, he's worried about Monsanto's trajectory...

...Then, when they stop supplying air, and people can only live in renegade underwater bubble cities supplied by soot spurting volcanic faults on the ocean floor, and everyone is constantly covered in volcanic ash and chronically coughing from the stubborn volcano air, a grandfather will tell his granddaughter about lost days of sunshine and free fresh air and soybeans that you could pick and plant without a lawyer handing you a paper and taking away your farm... But his granddaughter will be asleep dreaming of being allowed to marry a dolphin and raise a dolphin family.

I want to meet the people that make the big decisions at Monsanto. And I want to read their journals, bug their phones, talk to their brothers and sisters, and find out what motivates them. And I want to bring Jon. And see if he adjusts his prophecies.

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