Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Dot

This site is hibernating. It's not going anywhere, but I doubt I'll update it for a while.

The More Perfect Market blogging experiment continues, however.


I've been playing quietly over there for a little while now, and I'm approaching things a bit differently. I'm taking notes. Links, pics, vids, quotes, and quick commentary. Using the Tumblr blogging platform the way I think it was designed to be used.

The idea is to put less pressure on myself, rid my life of monsters like the dreaded Blog Archive Sidebar, which would stir my OCD neuroses into a frenzy whenever I'd notice I was on pace for less than 13 posts per month.

I need to keep things simple. I won't stop writing. I can't stop writing. But I probably should stop staying up way past my bedtime night after night because I can't quite explain why I'm not angry at Earl Butz.

So, in case you missed the link a few paragraphs ago, I present you A More Perfect Market, Version 2. If you've liked this blog, you might like that one too. I hope you'll at least have a look.

Thank you!

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